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In this post, You can read and see about Dirty MemesDirty JokesSex MemesAdult MemeNaughty MemesDirty Memes are the ones which when heard bring a person to laughter. Dirty Memes change the bad mood of an individual. There is a lot of humor in the Dirty Memes which makes them very funny. People love to share Dirty Memes with each other.

Dirty Memes

Dirty Memes make the atmosphere around very funny and full of laughter. Dirty Memes are based on many kinds of subjects. There are many modes through which a person can share Sex Meme with one another. The person can share the joke with the others after leading it aloud in front of the public.

Dirty Memes

People also share Sex Meme with another through short message service after using their mobile phones. This is the most popular model today. One can also find a huge collection of Sex Meme on the websites available online. The person can pick some of the good Sex Meme from the websites and share it with some of their friends.

Dirty Memes

There are two categories of Dirty jokes. They are Veg Dirty jokes and the nonveg Dirty jokesDirty jokes are available in many languages also. Here the discussion is about the Dirty jokes In English Non-Veg. there is a lot of difference between the veg SMS jokes and the nonveg Dirty jokes.

Dirty Memes

Sex Memes

Dirty Memes

Sex jokes in English are clean messages. A good message is conveyed through these types of messages while the Sex jokes in English Non-Veg are said to be the dirty messages. The message conveyed through these types of messages is not good.

Dirty Memes

One should not share such types of messages with their friends. These types of Sex jokes in English can also be found on various websites. The humor is contained in such types of messages but the message contained in such type of messages is very dirty or bad.

Dirty Memes

Youth generally tend to share such types of Sex jokes in English Non-Veg with one another such as their friends. Sex jokes are unhealthy jokes while the veg SMS jokes are healthy ones. The Sex Memes when heard or shared with one another can pollute the mind of the person.

Dirty Memes

It spoils the mentality of the person. Sex Memes can even be a sign of disrespect for a person. It can harm the dignity of the person. One should be very careful regarding it. It is not a good habit to send the Sex Memes in the English language to one another. If any person has such a habit then he should improve it.

Funny Dirty Jokes

Dirty Memes

The Aliens

tall men,
sunglassed and smiling,
with sexy young women
who dance to their voice,
flaunting fun,

groups of schoolgirls,
collectively smelling
of farts,
bouncing down the street,
with joys unknown,

bohemian boys,
with haircuts,
and fancy clothes,
the gender illusion,
sarcastic winds of
irony and deception,
talking on phones

like a cat staring at a pear,
it is asked,

Who The Fuck are these people?

Jehovah’s Witnesses,
in the corner of the subway,
consumed with strangers,
knowledge of the unknown,
their magazine reads:

Is Satan Real?

Dirty Memes

Fallen Angels

your words,
in our story,
live only in the text
of the mind,
like suburban angels,
holy and strong,
amongst the living,
in our holy land,
seemingly ancient
too beautiful to perish,
despite the lapse of time,
recorded in mind,
alive in faith,
loved by me,
and gone for good…

Dirty Memes

Funny Dirty Memes

Dirty Memes

Third World Women

bought and sold,
paid in pence,
and made to dance,
“I love you”
she says,
with a smile that wiggles around,
with uncertainty,

as uncertain as I am,
until she takes off her clothes…

naughty memes


eyeballs shedding paint,
like grandfather relics,
waiting for her,
thinking of him,

caught in between,
an urge to drink/smoke,

I am incapable of doing,
anything at all,

except stare,
at the dark picture…

naughty memes


undeserved execution on a Friday Nite,
left there to welcome the new day,

naughty memes

Adult Memes: Dirty Memes

Fresh Young Boys

naughty memes

with fuller heads of hair,
and outfits that say,
‘I’m not gay,
but I’m not straight either’
in places where degeneration,
replaced poverty,
thin-lipped smirks,
screaming irony,
I am a sarcastic wind,
undefined, arbitrary,
and paying very close attention,
to nothing at all’…

The Inescapable Breath

naughty memes

of the mayor,
and the ditch digger,
and the gotten-laid,
of the sirloin,
on the grill,
and the black men,
of new york,
of the skydivers,
and the stockbrokers,
and every bill,
passing through,
of the people,
we know,
and all those,
we just don’t,
of the hated men,
her beating,
we just watch,
just like the rest…

naughty memes

Dirty Jokes: Dirty Memes

A Birthday-Boy’s Tale

funny dirty memes

a homeless stench
in the air
as children laugh
at father’s jokes
#at banana peels
at a sun that hasn’t failed to rise
#and the trains pass
and the people pass
!and people love
in tubes
and homes
with cars and clothes
and game shows
dramas, home box office-cum
fucking in
mascara painted rooms
in the end of the world rooms
with flowers in the air
flowers growing outside
relentlessly fair and growing

flowers down my throat
mascara down my throat
angels with swords draped in gold
looking on from hell
as my heart skips a beat
as all this exists in clouds
and I am the sound
#and I am the storm
and I am all that’s below

speeding on father time’s cock
taking time to fancy your hair
smear your fucking face
all to feel human
all to grow smiles
to touch hands
walk together under repeated moonlights
I’ve never been more numb
more alone
more sober

than this nightmare

awakened ejaculatory filth, I am

awakened to the sounds of eruptions

as you erupt above ground
molten vomit
self-congratulatory bliss
as another day has passed
stomachs to fill
women’s lips
children’s needs
hours to pass
in warm places
so fucking far away
and without me

I’ve never felt more numb

funny dirty memes

Sex Jokes: Dirty Memes

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funny dirty memes

I’ll Remember You (Father Time’s Revenge)

while your
doomsday clock
ticks and ticks and ticks
away your youth 
and the wrinkles
of time
slowly shape
your soon-to-be
(which is
smeared with
an indistinguishable
of shit makeup
and lost chances)
I’ll remember you
and when you
try to
because you 
can no longer
treat me

like you had in the past
father time
is ruining you
you are all
I’ll remember you
and I’ll
tell you
to go fuck yourself

Women And Time And Women

funny dirty memes

one. I give you my heart
two. you ruin me
three. I drink so much
four. I lose my mind
five. I hate you more
six. you move on

Meme About Sex


nasty meme

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Holiday Cunt

you rejected me

you expect me to
wish you
merry Christmas
happy new year

who has less pride?
stay the fuck
out of my life…

found it lying
in my sock drawer
a dark blue and
white polka-dot

no stain
#no scent
no initials
on the inside label

we found out
it is not yours

and now we’re nowhere

at least
she could have
left a

nasty meme

Non veg Jokes: Dirty Memes

The Story

I wrote a story
about a blonde
and a brunette
who fought over me,

that was years ago


they’re both
in love
and I’m
writing poems
about the times
I wrote stories
about the times

I wasn’t

nasty meme
nasty meme
nasty meme
nasty meme

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